Friday, 5 December 2014

New Russian Visa Requirements

All applicants must now make a personal appearance to the application centres

From 10th December 2014 the Russian Government are implementing a pilot scheme which requires all UK-based applicants to submit biometric (fingerprint) data when applying for any visa at the application centres in the UK (London or Edinburgh).
Read more about the official announcement from the Russian Embassy in London.

Though we are unable to submit an application on your behalf, we are continuing to maintain our existing services, with regards to the online application forms and obtaining invitation documents (including express telex invitations) for business and tourist purposes.

If you have any questions regarding the new requirements, please contact us on: 01270 250 590

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Electronic Visas - India Goes Online

Electronic Visas - India Goes Online

As of Thursday 27th November, the Indian Government announced that they are issuing electronic tourist visas to foreign nationals entering the country. Whilst this new ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) offers a visa on arrival facility for passport holders of 43 countries, including; Australia, USA, New Zealand, Russia and Germany; the list does not include citizens of the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Spain and other neighbouring territories.

See the full list of countries eligible for the online Indian ETA.

This move to an online visa provision follows other countries that offer visas online; such as the recent implementation of the Turkish e-Visa, and the now well established, Sri Lankan ETA, Australian ETA and American ESTA.

It is not clear yet whether the new Indian ETA will expand to allow applicants from other countries, but for now the application system for UK citizens remains unchanged. The traveller must still obtain their full visa directly from the Indian Embassy in Birmingham or London. Please note that when applying for your Indian visa with us you will need:
  • Indian Embassy Visa fee: £139.00 
  • Passport with 2 blank pages and at least 6 months validity 
  • Recent 5 x 5cm visa photos (x2) 
  • Completed application form(s) 
  • IF YOU ARE a registered social worker, public sector worker, government official or military personnel – a letter from your employer stating the purpose of your trip and expected return to work date.

Please note that this information is for British Passport holders; those with different countries of citizenship may be different. The Indian Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documentation, as required.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Easter in China

In China, Easter is only a special holiday for the Catholics, Orthodox and most established Christian churches. Millions of Christians celebrate in some fashion. But most people don't observe it or believe in the resurrection at all, and other millions of Chinese have taken up Western children customs such as Easter eggs hunts just for the fun or novelty. Here is how the people celebrate Easter in the Mainland China and Hong Kong.
How people celebrate Easter varies widely. For Christians, the point of Easter is to commemorate Christ’s resurrection from the dead three days after crucifixion. Some of the established churches with buildings treat it like a mini Chinese New Year complete with red paper slogans called chūnlián () on the church building and in the homes, special bands or music, and special decorations.
Christian and Commercial Easter
At those established churches with buildings, Easter eggs might be given as gifts or sold outside the church, and everyone attends a special mass or service. The official Chinese Catholic churches are among those with big celebrations. In them, new Catholics are also traditionally baptized on Easter. In recent years, there has been a big jump in Catholic baptisms in Catholic churches on Easter. Chinese Catholic Churches don't have an official connection to the Pope.
However, smaller home groups might celebrate as family or friends quietly or even secretly saying simple prayers and talking about the resurrection of Jesus.
Non-Christians might take the opportunity to make special foods like Easter eggs to sell, and some malls in China, following the Western custom, might have special Easter sales in order to try to spur profits.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Year of the Dragon

From all at The Travel Visa Company!

If you are planning on celebrating the Year of the Dragon in China,
we are now offereing a same-day application service for Chinese
Tourist and Business Visas.

We are still open 6 days a week over the Chinese holiday period!
Mon - Thurs    09:00 - 17:30
Friday              09:00 - 17:30
Saturday          09:00 - 17:00

If you have any queries or require further information don't hesitate
to call our dedicated visa specialists on: 01270 250 590

Thursday, 1 December 2011

New Opening Times

To further assist you with any visa enquiries and applications during this peak period, we are increasing our opening hours and will now be open 7 days a week!

Our new opening times for this period are listed below:
Mon -Thurs
  9:00am - 7:30pm
  9:00am - 5:30pm
10:00am - 5:00pm
10:00am - 3:00pm
Our Visa Specialists are always on-hand to offer advice with all Visa applications and we will also be available on Bank Holiday's 11:00 - 4:00.

Friday, 11 November 2011

NEW: Sri Lankan ETA

Travelling to Sri Lanka?
Introducing new visa requirements for British Citizens!

The Sri Lankan authorities are introducing a new Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) from 1st January 2012 this will be a requirement of all British Citizens travelling to Sri Lanka.

The Travel Visa Company can obtain the Sri Lankan ETA on your behalf, we offer an efficient and effective application service, removing the unnecessary stress of completing an electronic application and entering card details into an impersonal online application system.
To enquire about visa requirements or to begin an application, please
call us on 01270 250 590.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

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The Travel Visa Company Ltd are a highly qualified team with dedicated, friendly Visa Specialists to help you with your individual visa requirements for countries worldwide!

When you apply for your Visa with us, let us know if you would like to receive one of our FREE BADGE's and we will send it out with your application pack. Wear your badge or clip it to your travel bag to show your support for our excellent service.

To enquire about visa requirements or to begin an application, please
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